Wednesday, August 15, 2007.

I went to my favorite and a secret store cottage in Oita with my best friend last weekend. I couldn't have enough energy recently because I had many design works and some sound arrangements same time. I was so tired... and needed for a change so much...We'd planed and set our schedule before a month.

Motif of my songs "heaven_inst" and "pray" made this villa about three years ago, actually. I must have been about pieces of 5 or 6 songs, more... at the time. Anyway I don't remember.

So I read and studied Stanislavsky's method book "Strasberg at The Actors Studio" by Lee Strasberg and Robert H.Hethman, again. The reason why I read what is that method has common solution for creating high quality works. Adding my favorite TV program is "Inside the Actors Studio". But Japanese title is "***(actor's name) said myself".

Ryu murakami who is japanese writer said in his essay like this:

What an amazing book!
"One of the most serious misunderstanding actor has is the hypothesis what actor forgets himself when acting with confidence. But it is the sort of hysteria (same situation acting and life). Forget means to over one point where doing something with our own will."
Lee Strasberg pointed out a lot of problems actor has like a surgeon. It goes out saying, that is not just theory of act. Almost psychoanalysis.It is so abstractly adding scientifically strict.
Making the most of imagination with own will and never losing self-control, that's all.

"Story of tokyo after I've left" P.047-049

As I'm concerned it makes us more helpful to live in our complicated society and we should attempt. Is it true?

On the last day, we went to an aquarium named "umitamago" (this means "sea-egg") in beppu-city oita. It is adjacent to beppu-sea, and its architecture design is so cool.

I recommend you to visit it when you come.

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  3. Relax.