Tetsu Shirahashi

Cattiveria established 2003.

The site title Cattiveria is my private independent label and a section of Nagano Syouten creative, which releases my design works. It was established 2003.

As a Sound Designer.

Basically "cattiveria" is Italian for malice, selfishness or spite. However, it isn't used here with its original meaning.

Here the term represents extraordinary solipsism, which means the team benefits eventually even if I play for myself. It is quite different from egotistic selfishness in which a person goes their own way regardless of whether it benefits the team or not.


The concept of the site is based on the hypothesis which the issue now days gives us functions in postmodernisation.

Wednesday, March 05, 2014 Tetsu Shirahashi

「cattiveria」というサイトタイトル及び名称は、私の portfolio の「商品化」を行う会社「永野商店クリエイティブ」の一つであり、private independent label です。 もともと「cattiveria」という単語はイタリア語で「意地悪、たちの悪さ、悪意」という意味で使われています。但し、本来の意味での使われ方ではなく


(ほぼ日刊イトイ新聞 / 『ぼくは見ておこう。松原耕二の、ライフ・ライブラリー。』)


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