Life in A Day 20160501 "Waning Moon".

Sunday, May 1, 2016.

Sunday, May 01, 2016.

"Moon, you follow me where I go.
Moon, whatever I am you know me.
My secrets are safe with you forevermore."

「興味深い本だ。それは様々な事実を我々に教えてくれる。歴史のある時期、ずっと古代の頃だが、世界はいくつもの地域において、王は任期が終了すれば殺されるものと決まっていた。任期は十年から二十二年くらいのものだ。任期が終了すると人々がやってきて、彼を惨殺した。それが共同体にとって必要とされてきたし、王も進んでそれを受け入れた。その殺し方は無惨で血なまぐさいものではなくてはならなかった。またそのように殺されることが、王たるものに与えられる大きな名誉だった。どうして王は殺されなくてはならなかったのか? その時代にあっては王とは、人々の代表として<声を聴くもの>であったからだ。そのような者たちは進んで彼らと我々を結ぶ回路となった。そして一定の期間経た後にその<声を聴くもの>を惨殺することが、共同体にとって欠くことのできない作業だった。地上に生きる人々の意識と、リトル・ピープルの発揮する力のバランスを、うまく維持するためだ。古代の世界においては、統治することは、神の声を聴くことと同義だった。しかしもちろんそのようなシステムはいつしか廃止され、王が殺されることもなくなり、王位は世襲的なものになった。そのようにして人々は声を聴くことをやめた」

「IQ84 Book 2」 P.241 村上 春樹 著

"Probably no one knows for sure who the Little People are," the man said. "All that people are able to learn is that they exist Have you ever read Frazer's The Golden Bough?"
"No, I haven't."
"It's a very interesting book that has much so to teach us. In certain periods of history in several parts of the world -- in ancient times, off course -- the king was often killed at the end of his reign, usually after a fixed period of ten to twelve years. When the term ended, the people would gather together and slaughter him. This was deemed necessary for the community, and the kings themselves willingly accepted it. The killing had to be cruel and bloody, and it was considered a great honor bestowed upon the one who was king. Now, why did the king have to be killed? It was because in those days the king was the one who listened the voices, as the representative of the people. Such a person would take it upon himself to become the circuit connecting 'us' with 'them'. And slaughtering is the one who listened the voices was the indispensable task of the community in order to maintain a balance between the minds of those who lived on the earth and the power manifested by the Little People. In the ancient world, 'to rule' was synonymous with 'listening to the voices of the gods.' Such a system was at some point abandoned, of course. Kings were no longer killed, and kingship became secular and hereditary. In this way, people stopped hearing the voices."
Unconsciously opening and closing her elevated right hand, Aomame listened to what the man was saying.

"1Q84" (Haruki Murakami)

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