Recording Days .0814-26 2007.

Monday, February 11, 2008.

The following is a recording diary of August 2007 #002.

Second, "song 2007-04" V-drums recording with Mr. Watanabe 14th -15th of August. We kept at 1 for days.

As I mentioned before, this system is able to check and re-arrange midi notes after recoding. The bottom right hand corner img is checking by himself actually. Top of window (Blue Squares) is midi notes, bottom (lines) is velocity and exclusive data.
This recording took about 26 hours over 2 days. However that data was almost entirely edited by myself in the end.

Third, "song 2007-04"and "sophisticated / unsophisticated" electric guitar recording with T.O on the 16th of August.

He is my best friend since elementary school. When we were in junior high, he began to play guitar first, and he taught me about music. When I started to write songs for real, he got a job in some big company. He is amazingly smart. If I ask him to play guitar, he can nail it the first time, and give me back more than what I need, even though he has another job. Especially it should be able to conform with same thing about my company's all brains.

I often use a plug-in named "guitar rig 2" on guitar recording and mixing. In fact, unaltered guitar sounds were recorded on all tracks. After that, you can change this to your favorite sound like distortion, or more clean sounds like Stratocaster. We could attempt to make those sounds with that software. In addition I attempted to change some guitar tracks to sounds like electronica.

I recorded acoustic guitars of "song 2007-04" by myself on the 26th of August. First demo track was had recorded electronically, but I needed more unplugged sounds through a condenser microphone. This setting is used with voice recording. However those recording sounds had a little noise ; insect's sounds around my room. I attempted to use the plug-in "waves X-Noise" for the first time. Without erasing the essence of acoustic sound, have to arrange the threshold value, reduction and frequency. Finally I succeed.

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